55 Victoria

55 Victoria Road

We readily admit that this building sitting just outside of the downtown core has its issues and we are actively looking to change that. While we have a number of harm reduction services in this building, they make up only a quarter of all rentable space and provide an important service to the community, and to those who have found themselves with addictions for any number of reasons. They also live harmoniously with a children’s theatre and many other services.
We’re updating this building. Commencing this fall, we are replacing 20 HVAC units with new, larger capacity units. We are replacing the roof, doing some exterior works, and continuing to upgrade our security, building a community breakroom, updating our electrical system and more.
This building already has a harm reduction service with two clinics and a pharmacy, and we may be interested in continuing with this theme by adding medical professionals, whether pain medication, general practice, specialty services, support related services, chiropractic, physical therapy or mental health. Talk to us today about how we can work together to help make your practice successful.
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We have often thought that this particular building would make an excellent hub for education services. Whether a single room, or multiple. If you have an idea or two. Please be sure to touch base with us today.
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We already have businesses in this building, whether squashing bugs, or keeping the CRA off your backs by using a bookkeeping services, we are currently reviewing the possibility of setting up small offices, or using this building as a business hub. What are your thoughts. Call us today to discuss.
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