Support Services

As part of our support for your building or facility, we offer a number of support services first used in our own operation, and now being offered to our subscribers.


We are able to offer bookkeeping services for your operation. We use Simply Accounting and locate our data in a secured data centre. As an option, your staff can log-in to the accounting system and enter some, or all of your information. We can review, run cheques, or ensure that period compliance is met. e.g. GST, PST, Payroll etc

Paper Tiger

Can’t find that file? Stuffed a binder in a box and now you have no idea where either the binder or box is located? The Paper Tiger is a cloud based file indexing system. Now, it does not have to be just a file, but a box, a room, jar or any type of container. With the Paper Tiger information and stuff can be found quickly and easily.

We can offer you consulting on its implementation.


Most are aware of Dropbox, but did you known there a literally dozens of cloud based file store systems available on the market today. Yet, did you know that most people are still keeping all their information on their computer. We know of two local incidences where computer equipment was stolen and the information gone for good, yet, cloud based file storage remained free.

We use both Dropbox and Box for each of their unique abilities. Dropbox mostly for marketing, and Box for all our corporate file management due to its rich collaboration and file manipulation abilities. If you are thinking of moving to the cloud and need some advise. Call us.

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