Esculated trade services

2014-04-27 22.55.54General maintenance in typically included as part of your package of services, however, there may be times where the scope of the problem is greater than the abilities of our maintenance personnel, or where a ticketed professional is required due to insurance or statutory reasons.

In these cases, the service call will be escalated to one of our Supply Chain Partners (SCP) who will attend to resolve the issue, or to report back to us on the scope of repairs needed and for approval.

Where additional costs will be incurred as a result of the escalation, our agreement with you will include the first hour of time for our partner and any additional hours will be billed at our rates as negotiated with our SCP, plus a percent for overhead.

This policy is for maintenance issues covered under our agreement with you.

If you require an electrician, plumber or carpenter for example for a project, or for some other reason not related to maintenance, and you require us to supply a SCP, then your rate for services shall be our negotiated rate with the SCP plus a percentage for overhead .

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