Light construction

At Shepherd Protective Services we have been performing light construction projects for over ten years.


Quinley OnlyWhen a tenant moves out and the space is re-rented, more often than not the existing floor plan does not meet with the new tenant’s requirements.

Tearing out walls, electrical cables, plumbing and network cabling requires a through understanding of the consequences if the wrong cable is cut.

For example: in a shared space common raceways handling network cabling may run though an existing tenant space. Simply cutting network cabling will leave other tenants with no network access and the time and cost to reinstall the cabling can be expensive. Never mind the cost to life and property if plumbing or electrical services are cut without first knowing if the pipes or wires are under pressure or energized.

Tenant Improvements

We can help design simple computerized floor plans,  solicit quotes, and supervise the work keeping it on budget and on time.

Contractors are known for jumping from one job to another. This is their livelihood. Someone needs to ensure that all the rules are being followed and that the premises remains safe and secure. This is what we do and can do it for you. We can act at your agent on projects ensuring that trades meet their obligations.

Painting and Repairs

Whether a new install, or an office refresh, we have painters as part of our team, or as part of our channel partner program.

We also do repair to walls and doors.

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