Whether is it part of your maintenance subscription, or you purchase our maintenance services à la carte from us, we can provide a number of building or tenant related maintenance services.

Some services will be based on an as needed basis such as unplugging a toilet or replacing a light bulb.

Other such services will be based on the following:

Quinley Only


With proactive maintenance, we perform maintenance functions before they are needed and become a problem. This would be batteries in electronic locks or air filters on HVAC units. A clocked air filter increases the load on the unit’s blower motor reducing air flow and setting up the blower to premature failure. With proactive maintenance we would change the filters on a schedule allowing the units to perform as intended.

Each change is also recorded using our electronic form procedure.


Predictive maintenance is knowing when a component will fail. If an asset is maintained according to the manufactures instructions using the correct procedures and properly trained service personnel, and by installing OEM parts, failure should be able to be predicted and maintenance performed prior to the event.


Reactive maintenance is when corrective maintenance is not perform on an asset when and how it should be done, and as a result the asset fails prematurely requiring a reactive response to get it working.

As our HVAC example above illustrates if air filters are not changed on a frequent bases and are changed with a filter that is not suitable or recommended for the unit, then the blower motor will fail prematurely leaving a unit that is unable to move air and subsequently causes tenant complaints, delayed repairs and increased costs.

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