Q n A

I am confused about the word Facility


We view the word Facility as a building, or a floor within a building, or a department within a floor. We also consider a facility as small as an independently owned and operated retail store.

A small retailer may just want someone to call for repairs and maintenance, security, and janitoral services.

A building owner/operator may wish to have all operational matters with respect to the building outsourced.

A large corporation such as a bank may wish to have their branches serviced by a regional suppler of various services.

Talk to us today about your situation and we would be please so provide you with a proposal.

Are you the same as a property manager?


No, while we may perform similar duties, our role is to manage the core processes of an organization or building. We keep the engine running and the tires inflated.

Can you lease out my building?


No, while we can support you in leasing out your building, the law prevents us from acting like a real estate agent or licensed property manager. You must sign your own leases and make arrangement to collect the rent; otherwise, we are able to do most other work.  Note: If we are doing your bookkeeping service, we can setup electroncic banking and have money directly deposited into your account.

Do you work with licensed property managers?


Yes, we can support a property manager by taking care of the day-to-day details of a building allowing the property manager to focus on attracting and keeping space filled and setting rents to maximize returns for their clients.

Do you work directly with end users?


If a business has a division located in a shared building, we can support those in the building even though we may not be directly supporting the building.

Are you a licensed facility management service?


Currently there is no regulatory body that requires such licensing, however, we have on-going training through the Building Owners and Manager’s Institute, and subscribe to industry publications, as well as monitor international trends and various regulations. However, we are licenced as a security company in British Columbia , are federally incorporated, maintain business and errors and omissions insurance, and are registered with WorkSafe BC.


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