Supply Chain Partner Application

Licensed trades only
If you are applying to provide contractor services such as a bookkeeper, event planner or handyman etc, please use the employment form from the main menu.

Shepherd Protective Services Inc is looking for independent licensed trades to become part of our Supply Chain Partner Program (SCPP).

You will be hired, paid and dispatched by our company and will perform work at client’s sites on our behalf.

We are requesting quotes on labour and materials for your service.

All information contained on the following form will be held in the strictest of confidence and shall not be shared with our clients or your competitors.

Please see our Supply Chain Partner Code of Conduct page prior to applying.

Supply Chain Application

If you are an independent professional ticket trade and would like to be dispatched to perform works on our behalf, then please submit this form.

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  • Our company dispatches work orders, and requires you to have access to work order systems, while on the road. Therefore, you will be required to have a smart phone e.g. iPhone.

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