Tenant Relations

Person on Chair - Caption1When it comes to describing the relationship between the tenant and the landlord, not all tenants are ‘happy’. Whether a tenant is unhappy with the lease terms, or due to expectations that are not being met, an unhappy tenant in the end does little to improve the bottom line.

And whether the tenant is an owner operator of a retail store, or an employee of a professional office, keeping everyone satisfied with their work environment is a tall order.

Professional offices need to attract and retain staff, and retail stores need to attract and satisfy customers. If either are unhappy, your tenant may just decide to locate to another facility when their lease is up, or you may find yourself subject to litigation if concerns are not addressed.

When a facilities service is involved, many tenants will simply address their concerns through the facilities team. Building management, or owners may not even realize the number of concerns as they are transparently addressed.

Recently, on a request from a tenant to host yoga classes in a building for other tenants, we arranged to have the property owner pay 50% of the costs, and provide the space for the classes. We felt this is a win-win for all concerned.

Keeping tenants informed as to the comings and goings, changes or improvements is also something else we feel is important and therefore publish a monthly newsletter targeted at various user groups.

Keeping tenants and their employees safe and sound is an important part of helping protect against potential litigation.

We meet with tenants over various concerns from fire safety, to personal safety and immediately put measures in place to mitigate any potential event.

This past year we also designed and handed out Christmas cards on behalf of the building’s owner complete with gift certificates to a tenant restaurant.

The tenants were happy to be acknowledged and appreciated, and the restaurant received a cash injection and some marketing on behalf of the building’s owner, and helps keep the restaurant in business. Another win-win for all concerned.

Sometimes not everyone gets along. Complaints between tenants are taken seriously and discussions amongst stakeholders are aimed at finding a mutual resolution, however, in the event an agreement cannot be found, we refer to the lease or make recommendation to the building’s owner or agent for further consideration.

Whether the bathroom is not venting properly, or the adjacent tenant is smoking we are available to discuss concerns and find a solution.

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