Why partner with us


You may be wondering what is a facility services company?

20140427-234734.jpg While there are many definitions about facility management, facility services or facility maintenance, what we offer at Shepherd Protective Services is the ability to have a single entity become responsible for the safe and efficient operation of a building, or a business within a larger building

  • You only need a single number to get things done.
  • Fully licensed and insured
  • Corporate services e.g. need something arranged – call us
  • Small moves – need a desk or cabinet moved – call us
  • Travel arrangements – we have a travel planner on our team
  • Procurement services – looking for that special item – call us and we will find it.
  • Automatic defibrillator – unit supplied and training provided.
  • Handyman services – included as part of our agreement
  • Trade services – let us worry about compliance and accountability
  • New office – yes, we can build, cover and paint. Repairs too.
  • Sick building – how’s your cleaning staff? We offer those services

  • Operational Management – Let us be the go to number
  • Basic Maintenance – Included in your subscription
  • Electronic Records Management – Been there, done that.
  • Access to our other services – Not listed, doesn’t mean we can’t do it
  • Ongoing review and recommendations – No status-quot here
  • Annual Fire Certifications – Included in your subscription
  • Fire Plans and PrePlans – Included in your subscription
  • Period Inspections – Included in your subscription
  • Quality Control – It’s never just good enough
  • Tenant Communications – We have a newsletter

*Optional services available through your subscription

*Travel Planning

Whether you are looking to get away yourself, or wish to plan a retreat for the whole staff, at Shepherd Protective Services we have a licenced travel agent as part of our team. Local, Regional or International – be sure to talk to us about your company’s travel requirements. Note: Service only available for subscribers of our facility management service.

Event Management

Need to plan an corporate event? Let’s us help you make all the arrangements. We can arrange for and the delivery of all things to make your event a successful one. We can work with various vendors to tie in their services with your facility and event ensuring a seamless presentation – complete with security personnel.

Transparent Maintenance

As part of your facility management subscription with us you will receive transparent maintenance. We perform regular inspections of your facility and empower our other services to complete work orders. Maintenance is then performed around your schedule ensuring that your business continues without disruption.

Life Safety

Some Life Safety services are included as part of our core service and includes regular inspections, fire extinguisher and egress lighting checks, and risk management.

Our mission is to understand your company and to work in your best interest at all times.

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